Battlefield 4 Map DLC is coming!

Don’t pack up Battlefield 4 just yet!  It’s still alive!  With servers working correctly now…. EA is releasing a new DLC map pack for Battlefield 4 called Final Stand.   So Battlefield 4 fans, get ready!

Final Stand has players gunning it out with each other on the snowy mountain peaks of Russia, which has some similarities with past popular maps of the franchise like White Pass and Port Valdez.

This Battlefield DLC comes with 4 maps. The maps included are:

  • Operation Whiteout, this map takes place during a blizzard near a renewable energy array.
  • Hammerhead, a lakeside forest environment.
  • Giants of Karelia, a riverside location near a mountain base.
  • Hanger 21, a research facility built into the mountainside with a futuristic feel.

DICE reports that it wants to “offer weapons and vehicles that behave differently than anything else on the battlefield…This includes a Battle pick-up rail gun that fires a single round of powerful kinetic energy, and the hover tank prototype, which uses eight experimental jet propulsion engines to nimbly move around the battlefield.”

Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment is going live this afternoon (September 10, 2014) and will be hosting one of these new maps daily, with limited access.  EA has not announced a release date yet, but Premium members will get it two weeks early.

My Opinion:

Battlefield 4 was fun to me.  I enjoyed it very much and I find myself fortunate to only experience minor hiccups over the last year with it.  I know many had issues.  I am a premium subscriber and am excited for Final Stand and the hover tank sounds awesome.  See you on the field.

Patrick Garrity is an Associate Writer for Middle of Nowhere Gaming and a Jersey native, who loves video games and enjoys the industry.  He loves rum and wants to be a pirate one day.  Follow him on Twitter.

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