Forza Horizon 2 Shines In Launch Trailer

Forza Horizon 2 is set to launch on September 30th for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.  To hype up the upcoming release, Microsoft released this stunningly, gorgeous launch trailer.  Boasting all-in-game footage courtesy of the Xbox One, the trailer displays the photo-realistic driving action present in the game.  Set to the tunes of Bassnectar’s “You & Me” (feat W. Darling), the trailer highlights features of Forza Horizon 2 such as the dramatic weather, seamless multi-player, and roster of over 200 cars to choose from.

Xbox One owners eager to take the game for a test drive will have access to the demo on September 16th.


My Opinion:  

I’m not a car guy at all.  I couldn’t tell you the make or model of the cars featured in the trailer, but even I can appreciate how gorgeous they look.  I’ve never owned any Microsoft systems, so I don’t have experience with the franchise. I do know the series is popular among Xbox gamers and this latest edition if nothing else brings the automobile eye candy.

Darius Purse is an Associate Writer at MONG and if you want to talk Games, TV, or MMA feel free to follow him on Twitter.




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