MONG Podcast – 52 – Should Bungie Have Fixed Destiny’s Loot Caves?

On this week’s MONG Podcast, the team discussed Bungie’s decision to patch the loot cave, Final Fantasy XVs trailer and demo, Super Smash Bros news, Resident Evil Revelations 2 getting an episodic treatment, and much more! 

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3 thoughts on “MONG Podcast – 52 – Should Bungie Have Fixed Destiny’s Loot Caves?”

  1. With Bungie adjusting the spawn timers to nerf the loot caves, does it result in the game world feeling empty and lacking enemies to engage with when playing normally, i.e., not using a loot cave to grind resources.

    P.S Thanks for the shout-out! That made my day!


    1. Hey Wideangle! You’re absolutely welcome for the shout-out! Thank you for the review! It was awesome to check iTunes and find that waiting for us! =)

      To answer your question – No, the game world does not feel empty. In fact it feels exactly the same. Although the spawn timers are adjusted for some of the caves, there are so many caves in each area that enemies spawn from that it gets populated very fast. On top of that, each server/world you get into can only hold so many players, therefore making it hard to kill all of the enemies in the area fast enough to completely clear it. I haven’t felt any difference whatsoever so far, which is a GOOD thing for sure.


      1. Good to know! I really enjoyed playing the Destiny beta on PS3, but since I haven’t decided between a PS4(following my gut) or Xbox One(Halo) I’m stuck on the sidelines soaking up the zeitgeist. Decisions, decisions…


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