Destiny’s Cryptarch Becomes One of the Good Guys in Patch 1.0.2

It has been a week of changes for Bungie’s newest title Destiny and apparently the trend will continue into next week according to the announcement of patch 1.0.2.

Anyone who has played Destiny has known the pain and suffering brought on by the game’s main antagonist, The Cryptarch. He’s blue, sarcastic as sin, and known to be one of the most insurmountable walls standing between players and getting their characters geared.

I’m not completely serious, but he’s viewed as such by many. That said, the changes to the Cryptarch will likely be the most noted. No longer will you give the man a purple engram and receive a blue item of ill-use. Even better, the likelihood of receiving a purple item from a blue engram will be raising with the changes.

Now Master Rahool will only give you items at the rarity of the engram you offer him or up. No more downgrades. Check out the patch notes for more information on what else is changing. By and by, if you caught wind of these changes beforehand and thought you’d save up your purple engrams for when the Cryptarch is feeling more generously it’s a no go. All current purple engrams will be demoted to blues. Happy decrypting, Guardians!

My Opinion:

People’s opinions on the workings of the Cryptarch have been varied, though the loudest majority have proclaimed foul doings on his part. I say that to mean it will be interesting to see the reactions. I think it’s probably a good move. Though people who were complaining about never getting legendary gear seem to have missed the memo that you can buy legendaries if you work for them. I know it killed me a little every time I turned in a purple engram and got a blue. It will be nice to see the end of this defeatist opinion that a purple engram will never actually yield a purple piece of equipment. Maybe now there will be a day where Reddit won’t see a “I didn’t get the right color item!” post.

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors and has recently been losing a lot of sleep due to Destiny. There looks to be no end to the fatigue in sight and he’s not too broken up about it. Keep up with him over on IGN, Twitch, and Twitter as well!

2 thoughts on “Destiny’s Cryptarch Becomes One of the Good Guys in Patch 1.0.2”

  1. I like the way you explained the problems users have with this Cryptarch. I do think it’s bs when you rank up one level and receive 2 blue engrams from the legendary package you receive. Even more so when it happens back to back to back. It takes around 45 blue engrams to rank it up one level. That is work, about 20-25 ROC strikes. The Cryptarch has given me exotic armor pieces which I’m grateful for but I have a level 26 Cryptarch level and I’m a little overall disappointed.


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