Miiverse Maintenance

If some of you noticed issues with Miiverse, there’s a great reason: Nintendo is performing maintenance on the entire system.

The maintenance, announced ironically on the Miiverse boards themselves, is scheduled from September 26th at 3 p.m. PT until Tuesday September 30th at 1 a.m. PT. The announcement also mentions that you “may encounter some issues”, which seems that it’s not a guaranteed blackout for all players.

The announcement goes on to say, “If you receive an error message such as 121-1503, 015-5003, 115-5003, 015-4503, or 115-4503, please wait a while before trying to use the service again.”

My Opinion:
I’m interested to see what this extended maintenance is all about. If anything, it might be preparing something for Super Smash Bros. and the onslaught of gamers wanting to showcase pictures and information. But time will tell what Nintendo is really up to.

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