Mandatory Update For Smash Bros 3DS Multiplayer

Super Smash Bros. 3DS requires a day one patch to connect to the Nintendo Network for online multiplayer, according to Nintendo’s website.

The update, Super Smash Bros. Ver (1.0.2), is not automatically initiated or downloaded during game startup, and requires the user to navigate through the Nintendo eShop first. However, users are able to scan the QR code below to access its download page.Smash Update Code

My Opinion:

Generally, I have no gripes with minor day-one patches. Problems arise that aren’t seen until after the game has been released en masse, and schedules can be tight, requiring games to be sent out before certain bugs are discovered. However, I find it unintuitive for the update not to be applied at first startup. Games should automatically check for an update when connected to the internet and alert the player about it. Otherwise, those who are unaware of the update may be frustrated by their inability to play online.

Darwin Leuba is an associate writer at MONG. You can follow him on Twitter @darwinleuba as he revels in other awesome exploits.

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