Disappointment with latest Final Fantasy release

Many fans of Final Fantasy XIII were fuming on Thursday after they found out that the Square Enix title could only be played in 720p on PC.  Unfortunately for Square Enix, the issues don’t stop there.

Steam’s discussion postings for Final Fantasy XIII reveal that uncompressed cutscenes make the download file larger than 59 GB.  To top that off, other reports include stuttering during the gameplay and problems with a steady framerate.


Back in 2012, similar issues plagued Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, and a man named Peter Thoman (aka Durante) brought gamers a plugin to fix some of its issues.  He was also involved in making a patch for Dark Souls II.  Fortunately,  he also has a plugin to unlock the resolution for Final Fantasy XIII.

The sequels for Final Fantasy XIII will be released on Steam sometime next year.

My Opinion:

I was kind of expecting a small issue to be a part of the release of Final Fantasy XIII on PC. While I wouldn’t be too irritated about the resolution being turned down if I owned a copy of this, I couldn’t accept the issues with frame-rate.  Let’s hope that Square Enix doesn’t short-change us with the sequels.

Landon Luthi is an associate writer for MONG, and is the website’s most cynical nostalgia bastard!  You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and occasionally to random Asian bath houses at odd hours of the night.

3 thoughts on “Disappointment with latest Final Fantasy release”

  1. I feel like a decent port would have gone a long way for Squeenix. They’ve made some…interesting decisions in terms of budgeting and game development in recent years. I have never understood why they continue with the FFXIII world and characters, but the carelessness with the port is confusing. If they feel like this installment is worthy of so many sequels, you’d think they would put some more effort into bringing it to a new audience. While Final Fantasy slowly making its way to PC–even with the delay–shows a growing acceptance of the PC as a viable gaming market, it lessens the significance when the ports feel thrown together.


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