Halo: Master Chief Collection Bundle Announced

Microsoft has announced a Halo: Master Chief Collection bundle!

The announcement was made at The Brazil Game Show. The bundle which includes a white Xbox One as well as Halo: Master Chief Collection will be available in Brazil as well as “additional select markets”. However, the locations has not yet been revealed. Although, a spokesperson did confirm that Microsoft currently has “no plans” to release it in the US.

According to Kotaku Brazil, the price will be R $2000 (roughly $840 USD) and will be released early next year.

Halo: Master Chief Collection is set to release on November 11th for the US, and November 14th for Europe.

My Opinion:

Can I just mention how nice the white Xbox is? It’s absolutely gorgeous! But back on topic, this isn’t a huge surprise. What is surprising is the fact that Microsoft has no plans to release it in the US. One can only assume that they are waiting for a Halo 5: Guardians bundle to drop.

Steven Shearer is an Associate Writer for MONG. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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