Nintendo Direct with a Massive Amount of Wii U Smash Details

Moments ago, Nintendo finished their Nintendo Direct presentation specifically focusing on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Be prepared, there is a LOT of information (in a good way), so check it all out below:

  • The Super Smash Bros. announcer is doing the Nintendo Direct presentation! (Not really a fact about the game but something pretty cool worth noting).
  • There are over 40 fighters right from the start, with identical movesets to the 3DS version.

  • Up to 8-player Smash is available for certain levels and only offline.
  • Massively large stages are announced, including Palutena’s Temple, Temple (Legend of Zelda) and Big Battlefield.
  • The Great Cave Offensive, a new stage inspired by Kirby Super Star, is another massive stage that has several hazards to KO your opponents.
  • Jungle Hijinx, another new stage from the Donkey Kong series, offers two planes of battle (forefront and background). Players jump back and forth with barrels from the series.
  • A Miiverse stage was introduced where members of the Miiverse can upload images of their favorite characters and can be scrolled into your gameplay. This will be released after the game.
  • Various stages will have outside characters that offer “chatter”, which includes Metal Face in Gaur Plains, Palutena and Viridi in Palutena’s Temple and various Star Fox characters.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.27.04 PM

  • In another new stage, Pyrosphere, Ridley (from the Metroid Prime series) can join a player’s side and attack their foes.
  • Coin Battles are back! These types of battles drop coins when you are hit, and other players can collect them. The most coins wins.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.27.30 PM

  • Special Smash modes are back! You can literally make scores of combinations of criterion for a Smash game, including, but not limited to metal smash, flower smash, stamina smash, giant smash, and much, much more.
  • Players can adjust the frequency of various songs on each stage. In other words, if you really like a song that plays on a stage, you can make that song play more often.
  • Tons of songs will be available for the Wii U version, where you can collect during Smash games and as rewards.
  • Classic Mode will be skilled based for the Wii U version instead of choosing your own path like the 3DS version.
  • Classic Mode can be co-op with another player.
  • All-Star mode will be in reverse chronological order (newest characters first).
  • All-Star mode can also be co-op with another player.
  • Final Smash trophies will be awarded after you beat All-Star mode with that character.
  • Event Mode will include various one-player and two-player challenges.
  • Smash Tour is officially announced, allowing 4 players to compete in a board game-esque mode. Players can collect characters to use, upgrades, and items.
  • Stadium Mode can be co-op with up to 4 players for Home run Contest and Target Blast.
  • Special Orders mode officially announced featuring Crazy Hand and Master Hand. In the Master Hand section, players must play through specific scenarios, but only have one chance to complete them. Crazy Hand however has players bet on gold and partake in as many challenges as they’d like. If they stop on a win, then they reap all the benefits. If the player loses lose, then all the progress is lost.

  • Trophy Studio allows players to collect Trophies by series (for all the OCD collectors out there).
  • Photo Studio allows players to organize collected Trophies in any manner and take a snapshot of the moment.
  • Trophy Rush can now be played with two players on the Wii U.
  • Masterpieces is a new mode that allows players to demo various old-school games for a fixed amount of time. If players enjoy the game enough, they can be directed to the eShop to purchase the game.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.32.07 PM

  • Master Fortress is a new aspect of Master Core, which was introduced in the 3DS version. It is only available in higher level intensities of Classic mode.
  • Players can customize the buttons on their controllers for the game, including the Nintendo 3DS as a controller (with the 3DS version of the game).
  • Amiibos information was reemphasized. Each amiibo can join a player as a figure player (FP), gain experience, set equipment, and can either team up or face them in a fight. In addition, the amiibos will get stronger and tougher when they visit a friend’s game.
  • Wii LAN Adapter is supported with the Wii U.
  • Tourney Mode can allow players to host online tournaments. However, this will not be available on release.
  • Tournaments make a return! Up to 64 players can partake in an in-person tournament where you can also watch replays of each match.
  • GamePad can display damages of players during a fight or you can decorate photos in the Photo Studio. A future game update will allow players to send images to other players.
  • Players can use the GamePad mic to talk to friends before or after a fight. The mic is disabled during the actual fight.
  • All the intro videos for each character will be available for viewing in the Wii U version.
  • Stage Builder is confirmed! Players can draw items on the GamePad, draw various lines, add hazards, and include various themes into their creations. Stage sharing will be available in a future update.
  • Bowser Jr. officially announced as a playable character (and the Koopalings).

  • Mewtwo confirmed as a free downloadable bonus fighter for buying both versions of the game. Mewtwo is still in development and has an anticipated release of Spring 2015.


My Opinion:
I’m still in a tizzy with all this new information. I’m sure I’ll look at this list again for the next few days and process exactly what is happening. From 8-player Smash, to all the new modes, and Mewtwo?!?! The hype is through the roof right now. Less than a month…

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