Shadow Warrior Releases New Trailer for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Launch

Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior just launched a new trailer for the debut of the reboot of the original 3D Realms’ title.

Shadow Warrior was originally released in 1997 on PCs and has since become a cult-classic first-person shooter. Flying Wild Hog re-released the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last Friday, October 24th. Accompanying the release is a bloody, gore-tastic trailer to highlight the changes made in the reboot. The update leaves out all the past racism and intolerant comments that was critiqued in the original title while keeping necessary elements to the game intact.

My Opinion:

The trailer looks great! If you’re a fan of the original game, or are just curious about it, and are on the fence about it, seriously take a look at the trailer to help make your decision. I used to play the original game (much later than the 1997 release, albeit) and while I was never super into it I thought it was entertaining nonetheless. Shadow Warrior combines the lethality of guns with the traditions of katanas, which is a pretty badass combination.


Audrey Lips is one of MONG’s Associate Writers and is currently balancing a Journalism major while secretly hoping to get her Hogwarts acceptance letter. You can follow her TMI posts on Twitter.

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