Star Wars: Battlefront Coming to a Galaxy Near You Holiday 2015

It was announced Monday that Star Wars: Battlefront is set to jump to lightspeed. Its destination, Holiday 2015.

The news came courtesy of EA CEO Andrew Wilson, who revealed the launch window during an investor call yesterday. This sets up Star Wars: Battlefront as EA’s tentpole game for their 2015 holiday season, especially in light of the announcement that the next Battlefield game after Battlefield Hardline (releasing March 17, 2015) won’t be released until 2016.

Little other additional details are known about Star Wars: Battlefront, other than it will be a first person shooter, and will use locales from the original trilogy.

My Opinion:

I’m excited to see movement towards the production of a new Star Wars game. While I did feel sad to see so many promising Star Wars titles canceled when Disney acquired the rights to the franchise (particularly Star Wars: 1313), I do feel that Disney was doing what they felt was necessary. In order to make the Star Wars franchise as successful and high quality as possible, they felt the need to start from scratch. This plan of action allows them to better ensure the quality of future products representing the Star Wars universe. While we can take a moment to mourn what could have been, I feel fans of Star Wars, and of video games in general will have a lot to be excited about for the future of Star Wars games. As far as Star Wars: Battlefront goes, I have a feeling that the Force will be strong with this one.

Adam Leonard is a new Associate Writer with MONG. Recently he had the opportunity to visit Disneyland and ride the updated Star Tours ride twice. Neither time was he the Rebel Spy.

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