Dragon Quest Heroes Coming to Japan Soon

The Dynasty Warriors-esque Dragon Quest game will release in Japan early next year.

Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest Heroes will be out in Japan on February 26th for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Previously announced in September, Dragon Quest Heroes will be a collaboration between Omega Force and Square Enix. The game has not been announced for a Western release date yet.

Omega Force is known for their Warriors series of games. While all of the games feature a variety of settings, the common element is the over the top gameplay. The player selects from a variety of characters and slaughters large groups of enemies.

For anyone who is not in Japan and needs their Warriors fix, Hyrule Warriors released last month, and we thought it was fun. People without a Wii U can check out Samurai Warriors 4 which also recently launched for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4.

My Opinion:

JRPGs and the Warriors games usually are not experiences I enjoy. Nevertheless, more games is always a good thing, so hopefully Dragon Quest Heroes will make it over here eventually.

Riley Berry is disappointed that history is nothing like the Dynasty Warriors games. You can follow him and his delusions on IGN.

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