SC2: Legacy of the Void Updates and Content Revealed at Blizzcon

Amidst a slew of content announcements, such as another Hearthstone expansion, and the reveal of Overwatch [Link], came details about the third installment to the StarCraft sequel.  Blizzard revealed the game with a Legacy of the Void story trailer that follows just below, and scant details about said stories gameplay. 

In StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void, players will be able to control a super space ship called the Arch Ship, which can wipe out a whole army in the blink of an eye, at the press of a button.  It seems the Arch Ship is a part of a Protoss fleet that has been gathering under Artanis’ and Zeratul’s leadership, as the first race of the Xel’naga push to retake their homeworld.

From the trailer one could also gather that the Hybrid still pushes its agenda, with Kerrigan and Zeratul battling desperately against its power; and of course, the first race, the Xel’naga, are supposedly still returning.

Shortly after the reveal of the trailer, three videos were posted by StarCraft’s YouTube page detailing new units and changes to existing ones that would be coming to multiplayer.  All three videos follow below.

For those who don’t know, at Blizzcon last year, this year, and likely many years to come from here out, a year long tournament called World Championship Series came to a close.  At the prominent SC2 tournament, several show matches were played to demonstrate how the new units could potentially play into current strategies. Said video is also below.

The show matches demonstrate a familiar mode from all the way back in Brood War, that was also a custom mode in both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm called Micro Macro.  Just like the previous custom, the renamed Archon Mode Co-op will allow one player to control the army, while the other player control the base and production.

LotV will be a stand alone game, unlike Heart of the Swarm, meaning that you won’t need to own StarCraft 2 to play the game.   There is no release date for the title as of yet.

My Opinion:

What an awesome weekend it was to be a StarCraft fan.  Not only was it the culmination of a fantastic year for the WCS, but the announcements for LotV are incredibly exciting while reserved enough that players shouldn’t be concerned about the changes.  I didn’t expect details about the new game this soon, but even still, I’d personally bank on a 2016 release window.  SC2 LotV is already looking to be a much more micro intensive game than it has been thus far, which means watching pro matches are going to be more exciting than ever!

Scott Deisner is an Associate Writer for MONG.  He enjoys story and character driven content above all else, things made from potatoes, and long walks on sandy beaches ;P  You can follow him on Twitter.

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