Five EA Games will be arriving to PlayStation Now next month!

PlayStation has announced on their official blog that they have partnered with EA to bring Mirror’s Edge, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 3, NBA Jam On Fire Edition and Bejeweled 3 to PlayStation Now on December 2nd.

PlayStation Now is a streaming service that allows owners to play games on various Sony devices. PS Now has been in open beta since July, and currently supports PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3,  PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV as well as some select models of Sony TVs.  

According to PlayStation’s blog, the games can be rented for a week for about $1 per day. However, users can select from a variety of options depending on how long they would like to rent the game.

Sony was expecting to officially launch PlayStation Now in 2014 for North America, but we have not heard word from them about an actual date, and in 2015 for Europe. Sony also announced a couple of days ago that PS Now will soon be getting a subscription service as well as getting PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games!

My Opinion:

Well, that was some announcement! I am curious, not about these five game, but about what this means for the future of PS Now. Sony did mention that they had formed a partnership with EA, and of course they announced a couple of days ago that PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games will be coming to PS Now soon. So you would assume that the EA games that were on PS and PS2 would then be included in PS Now, right? If so, then that will be great! I have always been excited for PS Now as I am a young gamer. I missed a lot of the classic games that were on PS2 and consoles before that and it would be great to be able to experience them without having to buy the games.

Steven Shearer is an Associate Writer for MONG. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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