Level-5 To Announce New Game at E3 2015

Level-5, the team behind Ni No Kuni, disclosed their plans to reveal a new PlayStation 4 game at E3 2015.

Originally reported by Gematsu, the news broke on a livestream with Level-5 boss Akihiro Hino who was a guest on the stream because White Knight Chronicles II is a free PS Plus game for Japan this month.

There is no news on whether the game is a PS4 exclusive or not, but when asked about the game itself Akihiro Hino claimed he wanted to make a game that exceeds the epic scope of the White Knight Chronicles series.

Check out our review of the latest Level-5 game, “the best kind of chore list”, Fantasy Life.

My Opinion:

Level-5 created my favorite game of all-time, Dragon Quest VIII. There is no word on whether the new game will be similar, but to have that chance is exciting enough for me. I also enjoyed Ni No Kuni a great deal and with its impressive sales it would not surprise me if we got a sequel. Now I am just waiting for PlayStation 2 HD remasters of Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy. But I won’t hold my breath.

Nathan Reid is an Associate Writer at MONG who is always reminded of Shadar from Ni No Kuni whenever someone has a blanket over their head. Next year’s Halloween Costume?

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