Rockstar Announce Custom Grand Theft Auto 5 Playstation 4 and Xbox One Consoles

Rockstar Games has revealed two customs Grand Theft Auto V consoles – one for PlayStation 4 and one for Xbox One.

To celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto V for the next-gen consoles, Rockstar is giving-away the limited edition consoles in separate giveaways.

Rockstar stated on their news website that:

“Both of these individually hand-fabricated consoles features an exclusive black-on-black Grand Theft Auto V design, laser etched on micro perforated metal paneling with hi-gloss deep green painted accents and a custom color-matched controller.”


However, the consoles are not the only prize that players can win. There will be 20 runners up that will win the Deluxe Prize Packs which include exclusive, brand new official GTA V gear and collectibles, which includes:

  • CNT Tee
  • Cultstoppers Pin Set
  • Dr. Friedlander Stress Ball
  • Epsilon Program Laser-Etched Paper Weight
  • Fred’s Pictures Tee
  • Grotti Polo
  • iFruit Mouse Pad
  • LifeInvader Mouse Pad
  • Loneliest Robot Greeting Card
  • Los Santos Est. 1781 Tee
  • Los Santos Radio Pin Set
  • Los Santos, San Andreas Tee
  • Love Fist Tee
  • Merryweather Security Polo
  • Merryweather Security Cap (in both Black and Fatigue)
  • Merryweather Security Heat Changing Mug
  • Merryweather Security Tee (in both Black and Grey)
  • Pogo Keychain
  • San Andreas Republic Tee
  • Snapmatic Tee
  • Sprunk Water Bottle
  • STD Contractors Tee
  • Sticker Pack featuring the brands of GTAV

However, even if you do not win the giveaway, Rockstar will be selling the Deluxe Prize Packs in the Rockstar Warehouse in the coming months, but there will only be two exclusive consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V was released on the next generation consoles earlier this month and is due to be released on PC in January. Check out Middle Of Nowhere Gaming’s review for it here.

My Opinion:

It feels strange seeing a PS4 that is green and black, but it does look awesome. I am interested in the Deluxe Prize Packs — although I can’t enter it due to being under the age of 18 —  so I will have to wait for the price. Hopefully it won’t be that expensive.

Steven Shearer is an Associate Writer for MONG who is surprisingly excited for Stars Wars: The Force Awakens! You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.


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