Xbox One Wins Black Friday

According to a study conducted by data tracking site Infoscout, Microsoft’s Xbox One was the best selling console on this year’s Black Friday.

In a recent blog on the company’s site, it was reported that the Xbox One accounted for 53% of all consoles sold on Black Friday. PlayStation 4 accounted for 31% of sales, while — most noticeably — Xbox 360 outsold the Wii U with sales accounting for 9% and 6% respectively.

The study also found that 90% of the console sales were bundled with a game. The top seller at Walmart and Target was the Xbox One and Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle.

Infoscout gathered its information from panelists who submitted over 180,000 receipts during the course of Black Friday. The data included purchases at all major retailers including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, RadioShack and more.

My Opinion:

As a video game lover I’m just happy that this generation is selling so well. The lower price and better exclusive line-up this fall made it inevitable that the Xbox One would outsell the PS4 eventually.

Matt Southwell is an Associate Writer for MONG. In addition to video games, he loves Hockey, Soccer and Pizza. Follow him on Twitter, IGN and Facebook.

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