“If You Don’t Like GTA V… Don’t Buy it,” Says Take-Two CEO

After a petition pushed two Australian retailers to pull Grand Theft Auto V off of the shelves, Take-Two CEO and Chairman, Karl Slatoff, spoke out at a digital media conference.

Slatoff was asked if digital sales of Grand Theft Auto V spiked after Kmart and Target pulled the game off of Australian shelves. Slatoff responded by saying:

“It’s one thing for someone to not want to buy a piece of content, which is completely understandable. And that’s really the solution. If you don’t like it and it’s offensive to you, then you don’t buy it. But for a person or a group of people to try to make that decision for millions of people…”

The CEO went on to say that Australia is a relatively small market and there are other retailers in the region that still sell Grand Theft Auto V. For the full quote check out gameindistry.biz.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version will be out January 27, 2015.

My Opinion:

I would have to agree with the CEO on this. Grand Theft Auto V is a well known property, and there has always been a lot of controversy around it.  I can understand the complaints and concerns that people may have with some of the content, but I feel like the cat has already been let out of the bag at this point.

Jacob Dekker is an Associate Writer for MONG.  For sporadic, yet infrequent updates about nothing follow him on Twitter.

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