Nintendo Might Have Revealed a New Gamepad

Nintendo might have revealed a gamepad redesign for the Wii U according to a new trailer which just appeared on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel.

However, Nintendo blurred out the gamepad design in the video, which you can see below at 00:08.

As you can see, even though the gamepad is blurred, the shape  is significantly different to that of the original gamepad design. You can see a side by side comparison below.

gamepad comparrison 1

Nintendo has yet to make a statement on this story; but the fact that they blurred out the gamepad, and nothing else, does make it seem suspicious.

My Opinion:

I do think that this is a “new gamepad redesign” but I think Nintendo is waiting until E3 to announce it. I mean, why else would they blur out only the gamepad?

Lucy Pallent is a girl gamer from a rock in the middle of nowhere and is the world’s biggest n00b. She likes Nintendo, JRPGs and food. Feel free to follow her random ramblings on Twitter.

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