Canceled RPG Cry On Resurfaces With Concept Trailer

In an unexpected development, long canceled JRPG Cry On has resurfaced in the news.  Reported by Destructoid, Cry On was in development for the Xbox 360 back when it was canceled in 2008.  Recently, a concept trailer for the title was posted by Hironobu Sakaguchi on his YouTube page.  Hironobu Sakaguchi is known for being the creator of Final Fantasy, as well as founding  Mistwalker, co-developer of Cry On.  The canceled title was a collaboration between Mistwalker and Cavia, a studio which no longer exists.

Why suddenly release new footage for a game no longer in development?  No answer has been given yet by Sakaguchi. What we do know is the star of the game would have been Sally, the young blue-haired girl featured in the trailer.  The golem-like creature that saves her is called a Bogle.  In Cry On, Sally and her Bogle would have traversed a sort of Middle Age setting solving puzzles mixed with action elements controlling the Bogle.

For a look at what could have been (or might be in the future), watch the trailer below.



My Opinion: 

I am not a big RPG player.  Yet, I have to admit that the teaser footage for this game does look appealing.  Cry On has drawn comparisons to another game missing in action, The Last Guardian.  Both titles do feature a small, young protagonist with a giant, helpful companion.  I can only hope The Last Guardian doesn’t succumb to the same fate as Cry On, but with each year it doesn’t come out, that fate sadly seems like an inevitability. 

Darius Purse is an Associate Writer at MONG and if you want to talk Games, TV, or MMA feel free to follow him on Twitter.




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