Phil Spencer Addresses Xbox One Questions

Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, took to Twitter to answer questions about the Xbox One and the console’s future.

One of the more pertinent questions asked was if Microsoft had any plans to speed up game installations.  Spencer responded by saying that it has been discussed and that improved disc layout tools could streamline installations.

Spencer also debunked rumors of a Gears of War Xbox One bundle.  He went on to say that they never made any announcements about a Gears of War bundle and that the photos appear to be fake.

Spencer continued to talk about games he’s looking forward to as well as his thoughts on Ori and the Blind Forest.

My Opinion:

It’s great to see Phil Spencer doing something like this.  Even though most of his responses were rather vague it’s important to listen to the community in this industry and it seems like Phil Spencer is doing a great job of it.

Jacob Dekker is an Associate Writer for MONG.  For sporadic, yet infrequent updates about nothing follow him on Twitter.

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