Sony Gives Back To Frustrated Gamers In January

Christmas morning was not as merry as it should have been for millions of gamers.  Controller in hand, many were ready to dive into a new gaming experience, but could not due to PlayStation Network being down.  As a way to make up for the outage, Sony has announced they will be granting a PlayStation Plus extension of 5 days to anyone who had an active membership or free trial on December 25th.  No steps need to be taken as the extension will automatically be applied.  Details on when the extension will be applied are unknown, with more details forthcoming.

Additionally, sometime during the month of January, Sony will be offering a limited time discount code of 10 percent.  The discount can only be used one time and will be applied to everything in your cart for purchase on the PlayStation Store.  It will be available to all PSN members, regardless if they subscribe to PS+ or not.

My Opinion: 

I think this is a nice gesture by Sony to make up for the holiday outage caused by a group of attention seekers.  It certainly wasn’t the first time that PSN has been down, applying the extension helps to make up for the loss of time and frustration.  The discount does seem like a way to entice gamers to spend money on titles, as much as an attempt to make good with Sony fans.

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One thought on “Sony Gives Back To Frustrated Gamers In January”

  1. Poor Sony. They can’t seem to catch a break with PSN. Remember when it was taken down a couple of years ago? Then they had the problems with that cancelled movie.


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