Flappy Bird Gets Physical Release

Flappy Bird, the infamous video game that was removed due to its addictive nature, will likely be seen in the wild, albeit in a different way.

Bay Tek Games, the makers of several arcade cabinets, have obtained the licensing rights to the viral mobile game. The cabinet, which has only one button and a 42” screen, will allow people to get tickets for each pipe passed. Players will also obviously compete for high scores.


My Opinion:

Why can’t we let games die? Flappy Bird, however, would be perfect in an arcade. I mean, games like that live off of the quarters and tears of small children, so Flappy Bird seems perfect for this medium.

Shawn Richards is MONG’s Associate Editor that studies games to understand how they work and why people still play bad games. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook

2 thoughts on “Flappy Bird Gets Physical Release”

  1. Well I’m happy it got a physical release. I think it had one on the Atari 2800 too. It wasn’t official or anything. I really like the fact it got an arcade ‘cabinet’ too. I like the new arcade games invading… even if they’re all just iPhone games or HD versions of old Atari / arcade classics, I still like them.


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