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Pneuma: Breath Of Life Review


Puzzle games these days seem to be centralized around the mobile marketplace. Titles like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled have millions of downloads because of their bright colors and simplistic gameplay. It’s been quite a while since a first-person puzzler was released to the world, or if there has been one, I haven’t noticed. So I was fortunate that Pneuma: Breath Of Life crossed my path. Deco Digital Studios did a fantastic job of creating a world that not only looks amazing, but is filled with tough yet manageable puzzles and an interestingly philosophical storyline.
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Gengar Coming to Pokkén Tournament

Upcoming fighting game Pokkén Tournament has been generating a lot of buzz among Pokémon fans worldwide. To build the hype, an hour-long livestream was broadcast in Japan showing some never-before-seen footage of the game. Among all the gameplay was a surprise announcement: the ghostly Gengar will be joining as a playable character! Continue reading Gengar Coming to Pokkén Tournament

Titan Attacks! Review

Titan Invaders

One look at Titan Attacks! and you’ll be instantly reminded of Space Invaders. There’s no point in hiding it, Titan Attacks! is heavily inspired by the 1978 arcade classic but don’t be disappointed. Space Invaders was a classic for a reason and while I doubt Titan Attacks! will be remembered with the same reverence, it won’t be laughed at either. Continue reading Titan Attacks! Review

An Hour of Pokkén Tournament

Most people likely haven’t thought about Pokkén Tournament since the most recent teaser trailer way back in the middle of 2014. That’s also assuming that you even heard that this TekkenPokémon love-child even existed, as the announcement was rather low-key. If you’ve been looking forward to this fighting title, no worries, the development appears to be going swimmingly. Continue reading An Hour of Pokkén Tournament

Nintendo Might Have Accidentally Leaked Pokken Characters

On Tuesday, the Pokémon Company officially revealed Pokken Tournament, a new fighting game combining the characters of the Pokémon universe with the development and mechanics of Bandai Namco’s Tekken franchise. The preview clip showcased Lucario and Machamp fighting each other with unique and character-type driven attacks. However, when I first saw this, I knew I saw this battle already, and in fact I did.

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