Microsoft Starts Strategy Studios

Strategy players rejoice! Microsoft, along with their strategy team Decisive Games, is creating a new studio where they promise to bring another game in a series to “the next generation”.

The news comes via a job listing for a Senior Software Engineer on Microsoft’s careers website. The description reads,

“The Decisive Games team is focused on world class strategy game development, and is building a studio that will bring the next installment in a beloved strategy game franchise to the next generation of gamers around the world.”

Seeing that Decisive Games focuses on strategy games, it seems likely that this “next installment” could be another game in the Age of Empires series or another Halo Wars.

My Opinion:

I would like to see what this news has in store. I want another Halo Wars or Age of Empires, although I am not sure what the “next generation” means. Could this be an Xbox One game? If so, I hope that they can work around the analog controls. If not, then I am sure that this team has what it takes to make a great game, whatever it is.

Shawn Richards is MONG’s Associate Editor that studies games to understand how they work. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook

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