Ken Lobb Drops More Phantom Dust Info

Phantom Dust was a cult classic when it originally released on the original Xbox. With its interesting story and a playstyle that isn’t seen all too often, it was a hit for those willing to put in the time to get through the story. The title also sported charming multiplayer in the vein of third-person arena combat. Fans of the original have a lot to be excited about with the “re-imagining” coming to Xbox One.

Ken Lobb, Partner Creative Director at Microsoft Studios, was on The Inner Circle Podcast Saturday and revealed some more info on Phantom Dust. First and foremost, he explained that the original had a flaw; it took a while to get to the meat of the game. A good chunk of players likely stopped playing before they realized the intricacies of the combat system.

Phantom Dust was a very well-veiled card game. Your character’s attacks in combat were based on what cards you had in your deck and which ones were available to you as combat progressed. Kind of like what’s in your hand while playing any other card game. On top of that, it took energy, which could be collected from respawning spots around the map, to execute attacks. Lobb said that he wants players to realize that sooner.

Lobb also mentioned that the re-imagining will include a thirty hour “JRPG campaign” wherein the player will be unlocking progressively better cards to add to their decks. Another timeframe mentioned was that the team behind Phantom Dust wants players to be able to jump into PvP before six hours is up. Even then, they don’t want your deck to hinder your PvP experience, so it will be viable to smash your friends faces in without having to spend exorbitant amounts of time in the campaign.

All of the other news aside, fans shouldn’t expect a sequel. According to Lobb, the team is re-telling the original story with the original characters. They might tweak it a little to modernize it, but it’s going to stick to the original.

Last, but certainly not least, the release date is still up in the air. Between the team still looking into and trying different things, Lobb isn’t sure if Phantom Dust will or will not release this year. He expressed some concerns about 2015 being rather packed with releases and not wanting Phantom Dust to go up against the monumental releases slated for later this year.

My Opinion:

Yes, yes and once more, yes. Phantom Dust is currently standing as the biggest reason for me to pick up an Xbox One and I’ll likely wait to do so until its release date is actually announced. I absolutely loved the first title. The combat was stellar and the multiplayer was too much fun. I just can’t wait for this. Seeing the game with fresh graphics and updated everything else sounds perfect to me, and to hear that the story is staying the same is great. Admittedly, I never had the chance to finish the original title, so I’m happy to actually get the chance to do so. If you like good games and you’re a good person, play Phantom Dust. You definitely won’t regret it.

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors and is legitimately wondering where he’s going from here. Keep up with him over on IGN and Twitter as well!

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