Watch Dogs’ sequel will “carry on taking risks” says Creative Director Jonathan Morin

Watch Dogs’ sequel will take more risks than the original game, according to creative director Jonathan Morin.

Even though Ubisoft has yet to officially reveal a Watch Dogs’ sequel there has been a considerable amount of signs coming from Ubisoft that they are indeed working on a sequel. So it should be no surprised that Jonathan Morin is talking about the sequel.

In an interview with GamesTM, Morin spoke about Watch Dogs and his thoughts about the game:

“I don’t think Watch Dogs is perfect in any way and there’s a lot of room for improvement. But you don’t always see this when you ship a game. We deliver what we believe the brand should be at the time. But afterward, when you cool down after five and a half years [of development] and take your vacations and people play the game, certain elements become clear. They let you continue to bring what you envision to the next level with the fans included this time, which is where I think it really gets interesting”

Morin also spoke about making a new IP, and the pressures that come with that: “When you start a new project [and new IP], it’s a blank page and everything you do is what you want to do,” he says. “With a sequel, there is more pressure to push a brand forward and we now have to appeal to fans in a new way.” In order to do this, Morin insists Watch Dogs will continue to take risks. “You have to carry on taking risks”, he asserts. “I will not do this job if there is no risk in it, that would just be boring. You shouldn’t prevent yourself from trying something just because it’s hard and the solution is not apparent.”

Watch Dogs released in May of last year and was met with criticism from many however here at MONG it was received quite well. You can read our review here!

My Opinion:

This is hardly a surprise. Every franchise needs its sequel to take risks. That goes even more so for Watch Dogs, which I thought was a good game (one that was a good starting point for the franchise but did have faults) but for many, it failed short of their expectations. However, I am glad to hear that work on a sequel is being done as I am interested in seeing how the series continues!

Steven Shearer is an Associate Writer for MONG. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.


One thought on “Watch Dogs’ sequel will “carry on taking risks” says Creative Director Jonathan Morin”

  1. Risks aren’t good, but I guess if supposedly everyone didn’t care for the first one, they need to take risks. Otherwise, its just seen as less than GTA V and less than Saints Row IV.


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