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Ubisoft’s Passionate E3 and the Pain of Hostile Takeover

It is easy to ignore that the gaming industry’s corporate skeleton is as cold and stiff as any other. Despite engaging in the business of fun, the ebb and flow of our beloved pastime is dictated not by fanatic devotion or creative passion, but by the unwavering severity of the bottom line. We can effortlessly shrug off this reality as we devour our latest digital escape and confront it when it negatively impacts our experience. It is as easy as flipping a switch. And after Ubisoft’s incredible E3 showing – punctuated by exciting new IP, dazzling reimaginations of known quantities and raw human emotion – it is clear that Vivendi’s continued march toward a controlling stake in the company will rob us of one of corporate gaming’s biggest outliers. This can not be ignored.
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The Spoiler-Addict’s guide to the Nintendo Switch presentation

As we finally approach the end of the dark, twisted and maleficent tunnel that has been the Wii U era, the topic on everyone’s minds is the Nintendo Switch. While our mouths froth in advance of tomorrow’s livestream and following press events, it is only natural to scour the internet for any nugget of information to slowly peel back the veil of secrecy.

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MONG Game Of The Month – November

The month of November was an overall solid month for gaming. There were big releases such as Watch Dogs 2 and smaller gems like Owlboy, all very good games in their own respect. The MONG crew voted and debated, and the results are in. Continue reading MONG Game Of The Month – November

Watch Dogs 2 Review


The moment Ubisoft announced Watch Dogs 2, speculation and anxiety filled the air. The mixed reviews and seemingly wasted potential of the first Watch Dogs, prompted a real challenge to the Ubisoft Montreal team to deliver on the promise of a completely unique gaming experience. After a few dozen hours of playtime, I can comfortably say we got the game we were waiting for. Continue reading Watch Dogs 2 Review

MONG Podcast 112 | Should Duration Determine Price?

Have you ever picked up a game and been finished with it 3 hours? Well the MONG Podcast crew have too and that was the Thought from Nowhere this week… kinda. They went in on the question of if a game’s duration and features should determine its cost. The answers may shock you, or seem absolutely reasonable because Myles, Adam and Jordan are quite reasonable human beings. Regardless, they did cover some actual news as well. Kojima made a return to the podcast with Norman Reedus’ possible tease of a collaboration to come, Watch_Dogs 2 has been confirmed to little fanfare, Quantum Break had a bevy of news this week and Dark Souls III is getting pre-order incentives while the enemies of Dark Souls I are being made to look silly. On top of that, Bethesda has confirmed, priced, and divulged information on the Fallout 4 DLC and last, but most certainly not least, is that PlayStation VR will be on the market this Fall! If you’re not excited, you. Should. Be. Continue reading MONG Podcast 112 | Should Duration Determine Price?