Tales of Zestiria Story DLC Coming

The flurry of Tales of Zestiria DLC announcements continues this week!  

In the latest issue of Jump Magazine, Bandai Namco revealed that Tales of Zestiria will be getting an “after episode” story DLC that shows what happens to Alisha (one of the main characters) after the game is over.


The DLC episode will be called “What’s Reflected in Her Eyes,” and will be released on February 12th in Japan.  The downloadable content will give Alisha a new costume that changes her status and skit artwork.

In order to celebrate Tales of Zestiria having a monster first week of sales (over 400,000 copies), Alisha’s story DLC will be free for the first two weeks in Japan.  There is currently no word on if this DLC will be localized when Tales of Zestiria comes west.


Tales of Zestiria launched on January 22nd in Japan exclusively on PlayStation 3, and is scheduled to launch in North America and Europe later this year.

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My Opinion:

This is the kind of DLC that I understand (unlike last week’s)!  I am all about more story, even if I have to pay a little extra for it.  Hopefully we will see Alisha’s DLC come west when Zestiria launches over here.

Courtney Osborn is MONG’s Founder and Editor in Chief.  He is also a notorious Science Doctor, so ask him stuff.  You can follow him on Twitter, Twitch, and IGN.

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