February’s Free PlayStation Plus Games are Revealed

Transistor headlines the PlayStation Plus lineup of free games for February 2015.


Transistor is a tactical action RPG that takes place in a beautiful sci-fi world. Much like Supergiant Games’ first major project, Bastion, Transistor has received an abundance of praise. It was nominated in five categories for MONG’s best of 2014 including: best action game, best independent game, and best soundtrack.


The second PlayStation 4 game up for grabs this month is Apotheon. The rich stories of Greek mythology surround this 2D action platformer. The art makes it look as though the drawing on ancient greek pottery has come to life.


The first PlayStation 3 title is the third person action mafia game Yakuza 4. Use your intimidation and connections to take control of Kamuro City, a recreation of Tokyo’s red-light district.


Thief, the second PlayStation 3 game, is a first person stealth game where your goal is to steal from the rich, and where violence is a last resort.

rogue legacy screen 2

Rounding out the month, on PlayStation Vita is Rogue Legacy and Kick & Fennick. Rogue Legacy is a platformer with procedurally generated castles. Each knight you control has unique genetic abilities. Every time your character dies a new family member takes their place and uses what they have learned from their relatives past mistakes.


Kick & Fennick is a colorful platformer where a boy and his robot set out on an adventure to locate a new energy core for Fennick and battle evil creatures.

Want to add another free game to your library? Good News! We’re running a giveaway that you can enter up until February 9th! Go here to enter!

My Opinion:

It’s always a bummer when PlayStation announces games you already own but it also gets me excited. More people will get to play my favorite Vita game of 2014, Rogue Legacy! Don’t get scared away by the initial difficulty. The whole point of the game is that your family gets stronger over time. I’m also excited to finally play Transistor! Apotheon is my dark horse pick for the month.

Nathan Reid is an Associate Writer at MONG who is building quite a back-catalog of PS Plus games.

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