Japanese Manufacturer Gives Triggers to the PS Vita

The PlayStation Vita could get the L2 and R2 buttons thanks to a certain Japanese manufacturer.

Joetsu Denshi Kogyo is making a case for the Vita that adds the L2 and R2 triggers for PS4 Remote Play. The addition can only fit the new slim model of the Vita and still uses the rear touch pad for input, however the physical buttons will be more comfortable and familiar to gamers.

The accessory is set to be released in black and white models in late April 2015. It is only available in Japan with other territories unknown.

My Opinion:

I would love this option for my Vita. I actually love Remote Play with my Vita, and I wish I had this accessory to help me get the feeling of an actual controller. However, I still have the original model of the Vita (because it’s the best), so maybe if this comes to the US, they will make one that fits the original model.

Shawn Richards is MONG’s Associate Editor that studies games to understand how they work, especially on the Vita. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook


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