Upcoming PSN Maintenance (Feb. 12, 2015)

While the online-only EVOLVE may be the biggest release this week, an upcoming PlayStation Network maintenance will render it unplayable. Specifically, this Thursday (February 12, 2015) at 9 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific (or 12 to 3:30 PM Eastern) PSN will be going down for routine maintenance.


What does this mean for day to day operations of the average player? If you try to use any online service during the maintenance times, you will be unable to connect. However, if you begin online play or Netflix before the maintenance period, you will be able to sustain activity unless you disconnect. And do not fret, any trophies earned during the period will sync right after the maintenance.

My Opinion:

With an early Thursday maintenance time, I would be hard pressed to think too many people will be negatively affected. However if you are in the group of AM players, use that time to catch up on some story campaigns or trophy hunting.

Lou Contaldi is the Executive Editor of MONG and currently in training to outrun the Zombie Apocalypse. Follow his running routine, favorite beers, and gameplay lineup on Twitter.

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