Star Wars Battlefront Received Standing Ovation

A Star Wars: Battlefront trailer was shown at GDC this year in a behind closed doors event, and allegedly had attendees leaping out of their seats for a standing ovation.

Peter Moore also shared on Twitter that Electronic Arts and DICE showed off actual gameplay footage along with the brand new trailer.  Unfortunately, little is known about the contents of the trailer and gameplay footage; however, there are rumors that the footage will be shown to the public sometime soon.

Star Wars Battlefront was announced at E3 2013 with a brief teaser trailer.  Since its announcement, DICE and EA have not shared much with the public other than a developer diary which was shown at E3 the following year.

My Opinion:

As of now, this is just hearsay, but I’d like to believe it.  Fans of the series, like myself, have been chomping at the bit to jump back into some of the famous battles in the Star Wars universe.  If I was there I am sure I’d be standing up cheering as well.

Jacob Dekker is a Senior Writer for MONG.  For sporadic, yet infrequent updates about nothing follow him on Twitter.

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