Goat Simulator Going Where?

Dota 2 fans may be getting their hands on this new courier thanks to Coffee Stain Studios.

The goat from Goat Simulator might be making an appearance on Steam’s popular MOBA Dota 2.  Coffee Stain Studios is making this possible through Steam Workshop by adding their goat as a custom courier.


Before this courier can be added to Dota 2, enough votes from the Steam community need to be acquired first.  You can make your vote now for the goat courier on the Steam Workshop: Goat Simulator Courier page.


My Opinion:

I have no doubts there will be enough Goat Simulator fans to get this project happening.

Landon Luthi loves to frighten small children with warped television only found on the TLC channel.  You can read this guy’s profane scribble on Twitter and about 43 percent of the personals’ ads on Craigslist.

3 thoughts on “Goat Simulator Going Where?”

  1. I’m glad to see this is getting to be in DOTA 2. Steam owes Goat Simulator a debt of thanks and well it’ll get derpy players buying the silly thing. Not an insult to it, but hey if it sells it sells.


    1. I have played about 500 hours of Dota 2 so far. It’s amazing to see the money people will spend on simple digital content. Even I have gotten into customizing my favorite characters with expensive digital content.


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