Pre-Orders Available for Nintendo NX

Shortly after Nintendo had announced their new “next-generation hardware concept” (codenamed NX) and despite announcing any time frame for its release, EB Games began taking pre-orders for the device.

The Australian branch of the video game chain requires a $10 AUD deposit to secure one of the new gaming devices. Despite the severe lack of information about this device, an EB Games spokesperson explained the decision to a trade site:

“Following the announcement Wednesday night, EB Games made the ‘NX’ available for preorder the next day. At EB Games we have a very loyal Nintendo fan base, many of whom love the opportunity to put their names down first for new products. As long as that demand exists, we will continue to give fans what they want and be at the forefront of gaming announcements.”

My Opinion:
This is obviously EB Games jumping on the NX hype right now. Since NX is the topic of discussion for many gamers, it’s no surprise that they’ll want to pre-order it and guarantee a device so early on. Kudos for monopolizing on the momentum Australia!

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