Why Sonic Boom bombed

Since Sonic Boom was seen with negative critical and commercial reactions, A former Sega employee came out and explained why it failed in the first place.

In an interview on the Sega Nerdcast, Steven Frost, a former producer at Sega, told the host what went wrong with Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal:

“Not only were we trying to make just a really good Sonic game, we were trying to add more to it. We overextended our grasp in some ways. We’re trying to add in a bungee mechanic, and we’re adding combat, and we’re adding puzzles, vehicles, hopefully a more compelling story and a bunch of different environments. And it’s just a lot, you know? If there’s any lesson for me, it’s that being too ambitious can be bad…. Solo Sonic games, I don’t know how long that can last – there isn’t enough variety to sustain it. The future of Sonic games needs to be co-op. It worked really well in Sonic Boom, community and online play, that sustains it. In general, you need to do multiplayer and add online multiplayer aspects. That will sustain and keep the franchise alive.”

My Opinion:

NO. Sega, you don’t know what you are doing with Sonic the Hedgehog. If this is truly how you think, then don’t tell us you were trying to innovate too much. Sonic Boom failed because you didn’t finish a broken game. People saw that it had technical issues and gameplay that was very uninspired, not to mention the story. Co-op shouldn’t be the focus on Sonic as a franchise because you have yet to perfect the gameplay and characters. Make everything the way Sonic fans deserve, then throw in what you feel like is good innovation. I give Sega one more Sonic game before Nintendo takes over and buys the IP outright.

Shawn Richards is MONG’s Associate Editor that studies games to understand how they work. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Why Sonic Boom bombed”

  1. Maybe if they get the core solo experience right THEN they can talk, it is clear the people at the helm of this franchise are completely missing the key facts from every success and failure they churn out.


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