Frieza to Hit Dragon Ball Xenoverse in a New Way

For fans of the series, the hype is rising the nearer the release of the next Dragon Ball Z movie is. Revival of F marks the return of the old fan-favorite villain Frieza. This time he’s actually trained. Luckily for every fan and gamer, his new form won’t just be hitting the movie scene.

The film hits Japanese theaters April 18th and according to Shonen Gamez, Golden Frieza as well as more super and ultimate attacks, masters and parallel quests will be coming in the next DLC pack. This will mark the third pack to release in just a month and a half to Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


If you’re excited for Golden Frieza, then you don’t have long to wait as it’s rumored to release in April.

My Opinion:

I’ve actually really been enjoying Xenoverse, so if the awesomeness that’s supposedly been building around Golden Frieza is true (apparently he never trained in the original series, now he’s been training for four months so he’ll be exponentially more powerful) then his addition to Xenoverse is going to be absolutely awesome! Frieza also sports one of the best moves in the game right now, who knows just what new moves and tactics “Goldy” will bring with him

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