Warning: Contaminated Antizen in Circulation

Even the streets of Harran have a sick sense of humor.

Super-human strength is a perk only available for the remainder of April Fools in the world of Dying Light. As seen in the video below, zombies now explode after being vaulted using any of the optional melee moves.

The April Fools event for Dying Light is a great way to progress through the story, or even to enjoy the excessive amount of unethical, zombie abuse.  At the end of the video, we read “Collect evidence and upload it to YouTube using the #badbatch tag”, so get out there and let your zombie-punting skills be known to the world.

Not sure what to think about Dying Light? You can find our review here, and our spoilercast here.

My Opinion:


These are my favorite kind of April Fools’ jokes: something that every player can enjoy. Somebody give Techland a cookie!

Landon Luthi was invited to some furry convention by an unknown source for April Fools, and he is pissed! You can read this tit’s profane scribble on Twitter and his anonymous, aggravating posts on the MLP boards at 4chan.

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