Possible Remaster Heads into Uncharted Territory

While Naughty Dog was busy delaying Uncharted 4 to 2016, the internet may have caught a glimpse of Drake’s next fortune. Earlier today, a Swiss website named CeDe may have revealed a new remaster of the highly acclaimed Uncharted trilogy that first appeared on PlayStation 3.


The listing was hastily taken down.

While mostly non-descript, the page did boast some cover art and a highly vague description which read: “Uncharted 1-3 in HD.  More information soon!”

Naughty Dog has remained silent during the event, and has yet to confirm whether this leak was indeed real.  Speculation, questioning the cover art’s validity, has already sprung up on forums since the release.

Since the fourth chapter of Uncharted was revealed, the idea of revisiting the acclaimed trilogy on next generation  hardware has been popular; especially since the Arkham Collection has been announced.

If confirmed, this would not be unfamiliar territory for the developers.  In 2014, The Last of Us Remastered released to tremendous success.  In 24 hours, the new software sold an astonishing 1.5 million copies.  Albeit the PlayStation 4 did not have quite the library of games it has now, it’s still an impressive feat for a game that was released a year prior.

It’s possible PlayStation is hoping for the same luck with Uncharted: The Remastered Trilogy.

My Opinion:

Paying for backwards compatibility always rubs me the wrong way; however, it does expose gamers to software that might not have been accessible to them during their initial release.  As of late, software remastering has become a very popular trend, and when implemented right, are perfect for the industry.  Majora’s Mask 3D is a perfect example of this.  Core gameplay was respected, but improved upon in areas deemed troublesome.

In any case, remastering doesn’t hurt the industry.  If anything it keeps consumers amused and reminds them of their consoles heritage of software that should be replayed and remembered fondly.

Mark Powell is an Associate Writer for MONG and is wondering how much Times Square’s electric bill must be. You can follow him on Twitter and on his IGN blog.

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