Are You Ready For A Story-Driven Madden Experience?

So who is excited to have a narrative experience added to their favorite sport game? Well you could be in luck, following some recent job postings with EA Sports.

Two postings have recently appeared on the publisher’s career page, however the job titles for both are a “Narrative Director” – something not normally associated to an EA Sports title.

The full description of the job title is listed as follows:

The Narrative Designer will bring the player’s experience to explosive life in its story-telling mode, championing story to the team and ensuring that script, speech and story-telling devices are tuned to achieve a gripping emotional narrative experience.

You will create characters that game players fully embrace and bond to, and will capture emotional experiences that drive the story forward through non-linear storytelling techniques.

You’ll work closely with other designers and producers to create game worlds where story is core to the player experience and will drive an innovative story vision that is central to one of EA’s AAA titles.

While this is not confirmation of any such story modes coming to the EA franchises such as FIFA, Madden, and NHL, it could be an indication that the career/franchise modes of these games are about to get an overhaul. It is likely to be too soon for any of their 2015 releases, but does give some curiosity to their 2016 versions.

Historically, we are used to taking on the role of an unnamed coach/player, and are targeted with leading our team to the ultimate success of a Super Bowl or Stanley Cup. However, these new positions could provide an evolution to a much deeper back story for our characters. We have seen indications of such narrative experiences in NHL’s “Live The Life”, but there is plenty of room for expansion.

My Opinion:

I actually enjoyed the added narrative depth that came to Live The Life in NHL 14, and was disappointed when it was excluded from NHL 15. I am interested to see how this story develops, as I am very keen to see how they can successfully integrate a deeper narrative element into a sports game.

Matt Southwell is an Associate Writer for MONG. In addition to video games, he loves Hockey, Soccer and Pizza. Follow him on Twitter, IGN and Facebook.

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