Marvel Meets Telltale on Consoles in 2017

As if Telltale Games hasn’t given fans enough content to be happy with, a new partnership was just announced for the thriving development team.

Just yesterday it was brought to light that Telltale Games is combining their efforts with Marvel Games, one of the two biggest names in the comic books industry, to bring about another hit. Though specific information in terms of which heroes and teams will be appearing, or if the title will focus on the less super characters like the Agents of Shield television series, this is still very exciting news.

The executive producer of Marvel Games, Mike Jones, commended Telltale Games for their storytelling and narrative skills, saying that the developer met the standards which Marvel has set for themselves in those regards.

To quote Jones, “It takes a long time to find the right partner. We have one special game we’re excited about.” Jones went on to explain that Marvel wants to make “sexy” games that turn heads and get people excited. Considering Telltale’s track record of success after success, it’s no surprise that Marvel believes that they can make the next “sexy head-turner” in their video game catalog.

Little other information was given beyond that the title will be coming to PC and consoles in 2017.

My Opinion:

As a fan of Telltale (even though I’ve never finished any of their games) and an avid reader of Marvel comics, of course I’m excited. I can’t wait to find out which hero or heroes Telltale will be bringing to digital life. I’m on the edge of my seat wondering just what story Telltale will spin the weave of. Maybe they’ll cover the intricacies of the Civil War event (when new legislation saw a schism between heroes and villains alike), maybe the Secret Invasion (the time when almost half of Earth’s mightiest were actually replaced by Skrulls)? Who knows? With all the years and the many characters that Marvel has created and shaped, the options are nigh limitless. Maybe Telltale will even have the free reign to visualize their own story? However, all of my excitement aside, I have to wonder, when is their original IP going to happen? Is The Walking Dead or Tales from the Borderlands going to be over by 2017 and that’s why they picked a far off date? Will 2017 be a time when they’ll have a clearer schedule?

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors and is also the man (formerly known) as THE Dreadhawk. Keep up with him over on IGN and Twitter as well!

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