Resident Evil HD Remaster Tops One Million Sold

Resident Evil HD, Capcom’s remaster of the 2002 game that was a remake of the 1996 game that started the Resident Evil series, passed the one-million sold mark recently. The publisher announced its game’s success in a release on Friday.

In the statement, Capcom also included that Resident Evil HD set a record as the “biggest selling day one digital title on the PlayStation Network” and is the company’s fastest-selling digital title in North America and Europe.

If you aren’t one of the million-plus people who have purchased Resident Evil HD, check out our review here.

My Opinion:

Congratulations, Capcom. A remaster of a remake of a game released almost 20 years ago sold a million copies. That’s incredible, but it also speaks to the quality of the game and how Resident Evil continues to draw people in.

Brian Hoerst is an associate editor and co-host of More Than The Score podcast. Follow him on Twitter.

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