Climb the Tower and Save Your People in Toren

Brazilian indie game developer Swordtales is making their first foray into the industry with their recently announced title, Toren. With a beautiful, charming aesthetic and gameplay which looks to take influence from titles such as ICO and more recent Zelda titles, Toren may just be a hit.

Toren will put the player into the role of a solitary young woman named Moonchild. From the looks of the trailer, the player may be with Moonchild from the beginning to the end. The ominous narrator explains that as Moonchild, your job will be to climb the tower, which shares a namesake with the game itself, and strike down the Black Dragon.

In doing so, the player will redeem their people from the weight of their past sins. What sins, you might ask? Building Toren to attempt to pierce the heavens. For their actions, Moonchild’s people were cursed to forever live in the sun. Will you save your people from the ire of the gods?

PC and PlayStation 4 owners can expect to scale the tower whenever it is that Toren is ready.

My Opinion:
I’m not the indie sucker here (I’m looking at you Mr.Contaldi), but Toren does look rather interesting. Beyond the very pleasing aesthetic, the various environments and the play style intrigue me. Not only that, I am excited to see how a Brazilian developer handles their games. What might be different in their processes when compared to American, European or Japanese teams? All of that aside, this is Swordtales’ first title and I would like to see them succeed!

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors and is also the man (formerly known) as THE Dreadhawk. Keep up with him over on IGN and Twitter as well!

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