Hidden Mishima Teleporting Tiger

If you’re a fan of fighting games then you have to know of Tekken. Over the years we’ve seen characters come and go. From the humble 18 character roster of the first Tekken, to the massive roster of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, we’ve seen at least 65 playable characters and another new challenger approaches.

The next new combatant to join in on the kicking of faces in Tekken 7 is Kazumi Mishima. If you’re wondering what makes her so special, it’s that Mishima last name that she’s sporting. If you’ve not been following the story line (it’s a fighting game, in 90% of the cases no one would blame you) the Mishima family isn’t just big in the canon, they almost ARE the canon.

Kazuma, Heihachi, Jinpachi, Jin and Asuka are the current representations of the Mishima line and there is some pretty serious in-family fighting. Imagine the worst family function you’ve ever attended, it’s a peaceful time at the lakehouse compared to when these five get together. At least for the early titles, every tournament could be blamed on (or led back to the machinations of) a Mishima in some way or another.

However, enough about the furious five, Kazumi is the new hotness and she’s got something interesting going on with her fighting style. Apparently she’s got herself a pet tiger that combos with her attacks and even teleports! Awesome, right? The fact that she’s wearing the traditional shrine maiden uniform lends to the thought that the Tiger might be a spirit that could be bound to her… much like she’s bound to Heihachi. Yep, she’s the old man’s wife.

Until you can get your hands on her, check out the trailer!

My Opinion:

Awesome. Beyond my favorite character, Dragonov, the Mishima family always seems to produce the most interesting fighters. From the devil gene that lead to Devil-Jin and Devil-Kazuya to the monstrous form that Jinpachi originally took, I am genuinely excited to see what happens with Kazumi. It’s a shame that Tekken never sees EVO coverage on Twitch.

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors and is also the man (formerly known) as THE Dreadhawk. Keep up with him over on IGN and Twitter as well!

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