Super Mega Baseball Expanding to Xbox One and Steam

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is making a doubleplay onto Xbox One and Steam later this summer.

Additions to the Xbox One and Steam versions include new stadiums, enhanced gameplay, and improved baseball simulation.

Scott Drader, co-founder of Metalhead Software, the developers of Super Mega Baseball, wanted to provide an accessible sport title in a market where such games are sparse.

“We’re really looking to put this genre back on the map for more casual fans, especially the younger generation of gamers who haven’t had access to the types of games that were common during their parents’ generation.”

Super Mega Baseball first appeared on the PlayStation 4 to positive reviews, including our glowing review here! We praised its surprising amount of depth, great controls, and loveable characters.

Check out the new trailer below!

My Opinion:

I’m still consistently playing this game and urge Xbox One and Steam owners to pick it up! It’s the best sports game I have played in a while and I hope the new additions eventually make their way onto the PS4. Are you excited?

Nathan Reid is an Associate Writer at MONG that has hit a SMB wall at around ego level 66.

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