New XCOM Game Revealed

2K has announced a follow up to XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

As of now, the game is called XCOM 2, and will be developed by Firaxis Games. The game will take place after Enemy Unknown, and will focus on humanity’s attempt to retake Earth from the aliens. Details on how the game will play are scarce, but it will retain the top down turn based strategy of the previous game. Along with this information, a trailer was posted:

Unlike the Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 will only release on the PC.

XCOM 2 was the game behind the Advent teaser last week, which we thought was a possible BioShock sequel. The website now redirects to the XCOM website.

More details on XCOM 2 will be released throughout the week.

My Opinion:

As someone who does not usually enjoy strategy games, I loved XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I played the game on my PS3, so perhaps the time for me to build a gaming PC has arrived.

Riley Berry is an Associate Writer for MONG, and the man who led the beloved XCOM soldier Ewan McGregor to his death. You can follow him on IGN and Twitter.

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