2K Teases Possible BioShock Game

2K is ready to take you on an Advent-ure.

The company has launched adventfuture.org, which talks about a “great” future with constant protection and prosperity as well as healthcare through gene therapy. 2K released the following tweet promoting the site.

It seems everything is not all that it seems, as an anonymous text keeps changing the site, saying “The ADVENT is lying to you.”


People almost instantly became suspicious of the dystopian setting and the presence of gene therapy and a subheading “Advanced ADVENT technologies have made the City Centers — once the stuff of dreams a reality.” Because of this, some have assumed that Advent has some ties to the BioShock franchise, whose fate was up in the air after Irrational Games was downsized.

More information is expected at E3 this year.


My Opinion:

I am excited about the prospect of this new game. While most of this is concept and there’s no solid gameplay, I am greatly anticipating more information about this game. If it is more BioShock, then sign me up! What do you think? Also, I apologize about the terrible joke in the opening.

Shawn Richards is MONG’s Senior Editor that believes that BioShock is still alive. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook

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