Life is Strange Goes To Dark Places In Episode 4 Releasing Next Week

Life is Strange fans eager to play the next episode won’t have to wait much longer.  Publisher Square Enix has announced that episode 4 of the game will release next week on July 28th.  Ominously titled “Dark Room”, episode 4 sees Maxine further her investigation into the disappearance of Rachel appropriately traveling down mysterious and dark roads.

In addition, Square Enix announced that Life is Strange has reached one million in sales across all platforms.  An impressive feat considering the small size of developer Dontnod Entertainment.  Watch the trailer below to see a glimpse of the next part of Maxine’s journey.



My Opinion:  

It is good to see that Life is Strange has found success not only among critics, but in sales as well.  Telltale shouldn’t be the only developer to see the benefits of episodic gaming.  I haven’t yet dived into the game, but the more I see the more tempting it is to start Maxine’s journey. 

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