Why Breach & Clear: Deadline is Co-op Hysteria

The zombie filled game where you play an elite squad of soldiers whose backs snap from pistol recoil.

Breach & Clear: Deadline hit the Steam store July 20th and its real-time strategy mixed with tactical combat caught my interest. Due to a mix up on the Steam store, the game was cheaper to buy two copies (as a pack) than one copy. I decided to call up a mate to try out the co-op: this is when all hell broke loose.

The game has its quirks. Besides one game breaking issue in which dying in co-op causes the joining player to lock up and have to restart the game, these quirks have proven rather hilarious. When reloading the pistol, characters will bend all the way back so their chest is parallel to the ground. In real-time mode, shooting around lower cover will cause your character to bend at his waist and form a right angle. Spinning while bent in any position causes the greatest head spasm hilarity imaginable. Pictures can not do it justice.


These minor quirks give this game character and make it an absolute smash with others.

The game currently hosts two player multiplayer in which you choose two members from your squad to make a four person team between you. The switching between paused tactical mode and real-time action mode is very well done. You each can switch independent of each other. If you are both in tactical mode then the game will pause completely for you to issue orders. If one player is in tactical and the other is in action mode then the game will slow down movement so that the tactical player can issue orders and the action player can still move and shoot. The only annoying aspect is opening the menu. If a player is assigning new skills or equipping new items then the other player will be paused and can only access their menu.

I don’t know if I can recommend it at the new price but if you have cash to burn, a close friend to play with and microphones to talk on, then it is a great buy. If you want it purely for singleplayer then it is still a good game, but it’s much better as a co-op gem.

Better quirk documentation to come.

Lukas Anderson is an Associate Writer at MONG. He can be tracked down on Tumblr and Facebook.

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