3 Takeaways From July NPD Game Software Sales

The NPD Group has released video game sale numbers for the month of July.  When taking a look at the software sales, here are three things that stand out to me. 

Dinosaurs are king

Jurassic World is the highest grossing film of 2015 with over a billion dollars grossed worldwide, and now Lego: Jurassic World claims the top spot for game sales in the month of July.  While the title holds the position of number one, it does come with an asterisk of sorts.  The NPD chart figures do not include games bundled with consoles.  If they did, Batman: Arkham Knight would still hold the number one spot from the previous month.  Sales of Lego: Jurassic World were no doubt helped from the game being available on every system from the Xbox One to the PlayStation Vita.  In fact, the console that pushed the most units for the title was the Xbox 360 followed by the Nintendo 3DS.

Having said that, it is still a testament to the tremendous popularity of the Jurassic World film.  As no doubt many kids who enjoyed watching the movie, wanted to take some of that experience home with them and play it on their consoles.  What better way to do so than with a game that includes all the movies from the popular dinosaur franchise?  Perhaps with the success of the film and video game, we might see more dinos pop up in upcoming releases.  I know I can’t be the only one who would like to see Capcom resurrect the Dino Crisis series.

No Tiger Woods.  No Problem

The top new game reflected in the charts was Rory McIlroy PGA Tour.  Never heard of Rory McIlroy?  Well, he is the first European golfer to win three different majors, and along with Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods is one of three men to win three majors by the age of 25. Rory McIlroy replaced Tiger Woods as the cover athlete for EA’s golf franchise and despite being much less known to the general public, sales of the title was close to 70% greater than the previous entry in the series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 during the same time frame.

While Tiger Woods’ popularity and career may have diminished greatly in recent years, amid sex scandals and athletic decline, it suggests to me that fans of the franchise don’t really care who graces the cover.

Old Games Still Sell

While movie ticket sales are often dominated by the latest film to open in theaters over the weekend and television is filled with discussion of the new, buzzed about show, games still draw much success from older releases.  Looking at the top 10 highest video game sales for the month, many of them are titles which weren’t even released this year and some have been out for over a year.  Despite the older release dates, gamers are still eager to scoop up massively popular titles, such as Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Destiny, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that these games are available on a wide variety of platforms, at sometimes reduced prices, but the staying power on display is still impressive.  If you find yourself asking why is there a new Call of Duty each year or why Minecraft is being adapted into a movie, well here is your answer.  For the full top 10 list of games and to see which console they sold the most on in July, look below.


1.) Lego: Jurassic World (360, 3DS, PS3, Xbox One, Wii U, PS4, Vita)

2.) Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

3.) Minecraft (360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4)

4.) Grand Theft Auto V (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3, PC)

5.) Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour (PS4, Xbox One)

6.) The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

7.) Destiny (Xbox One, PS4, 360, PS3)

8.) Mortal Kombat X (PS4, Xbox One)

9.) FIFA 15 (PS4, 360, Xbox One, PS3, Wii, Vita, 3DS)

10.) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4, Xbox One, 360, PS3, PC)

Darius Purse is an Associate Writer at MONG and if you want to talk Games, TV, or MMA feel free to follow him on Twitter.




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